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Welcome to the Song Shack artist signup, thank you for your interest. Please complete the form below to signup. Once you have submitted your information we will forward you an information pack and load your profile to our system.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
To register and become a member of Song Shack is Free and at no charge, we will only take a a percentage of the confirmed sales.
How long does it take before my music is loaded
Once we have received your information your profile will be deployed within 48 hours.
Is my music secure?

We use the latest web security to safe guard our information and that of our clients we also intergrated a SSL certificate to secure to encryption both for sellers and buyers all our transactions are done by a secure payment facilitetor. All your songs, craft and music are only handled by our staff at Song Shack and once it has been uploaded by our system only our administrators can access the files from an administration control panel.

Can I track my sales?
Yes you can, once your music is loaded you can at any time login to your account and check sales and payouts, with many filters you can also printout reports.
How do i get paid?

We use a secure payment gateway for all transactions and payouts. We would recommend for you to setup an account with PayFast however this is not compulsory. Our payout will happen once a month, accompanied by an overview of sales generated in the specified timeframe

Organising your music

To succesfully list your albums we require you to give us your music and in this includes the following correct formats.

Album Avatar

this image will represent your album cover. the correct size for this image should be 650X 650px. This can be sent to us via email or can be uploaded to the dropbox link that we have created for you.

Album banner

this image will represent your album cover. the correct size for this image should be 1190X 200px. This can be sent to us via email or can be uploaded to the dropbox link that we have created for you.

Song Previews

Please make sure that you create previews for all your songs, the timescale for these songs must be between 30-50 Sec quality 128 kbps. All previews must be in mp3 format and correctly titled you must upload this to the dropbox link we shared with you.

Full Songs

The same as preview songs can be applied however the quality can be between 128 kbps up to 320 kbps all full songs must be uploaded to dropbox link shared.

I represent an artist can I join?
Yes, our system provides a great platform for music promoters an studio's to enroll all the artists they represent
Does the system work on Apple & Andriod?
Song Shack is not limited or bound to any device or mobile carrier, and works perfectly with all the browser technology including
Compatible with all devices

Artist album profile preview and checkout

Our system is focused on simplicity and is sales driven to ensure that buyers can purchase the music they like within a few clicks, listners can first preview your songs then select the onces they want and add it to a shopping cart, the selected songs can now be purchased by just checking out. Once the checkout button is clicked the system will redirect the customer to a secure payment gateway.

Once the order is confirmed they will be redirected to a download page where they would be able to download songs purchased. They need to download the songs within 24 hours, purchased song can only be downloaded two times. Once either limit is met the download link will expire.

Our payment gateway accepts payment from all the mayor banks this includes credit card and instant EFT transactions. The other option is a “pay offline option” with this payment option our administrators must first validate order, this can only be done after receiving a valid proof of payment form customer.

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